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We know the ins and outs of the major SMM platforms and networks that would enhance your brand reputation.

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SMM ( Social Media Marketing )

Innofreak is a marketing driven company, with its hands firmly placed on the pulse of the upcoming social media marketing trends. We know the ins and outs of the major SMM platforms and networks that would enhance your brand reputation and increase the bottom-line of your business. We use Facebook communities, Twitter profile, viral marketing promotions like video clips, e-books, images, articles, or interactive Flash games as part of our SMM program.

With social networking sites getting more hits than online porn, there definitely must be some truth in it. Today, information about your service or product is being talked about, and shared in many of the user generated social media outlets.

All that you need to do is - join the conversation, use your tact and insight intelligently (after all they are talking about your service/product) and shift the outcome to your advantage.

The keys to Social Media Marketing are to: Know, identify and figure out relevant social media sites and communities relevant to your niche, Understand how they work, and connect them to your business, by participating in them.

At Innofreak, we :

  • Listen to you
  • Identify your requirements
  • Develop different feasible strategies
  • Implement the best possible strategies, and
  • Measure them for success

We have no doubt that you know your business (after all it is your business), but we know what works best online. And that is all that matters. We can have an enviable partnership to develop a strategic Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign that can help: Develop your Social Media profiles based on your needs.

  • Develop, create and lead strategic and powerful Social Media campaigns
  • Use social tools/ platforms to increase your Web presence
  • Create a loyal community for your business and engage with them constantly
  • Promote your brand; boost your online traffic
  • Grow leads and convert them into sales with measurable ROI
  • Online reputation management

So, Social Media Marketing is for real; and you really need a social buzz. We?ll help you market on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube.