Your needs + goals = Your Logo.

Our logo design, Professional website design and quality Corporate Identity Design, focus on you. On your needs, your goals, your style.

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Logo Design and Branding

At Innofreak, we believe that our work shouldn?t only look good and work hard, but also have a unique and sophisticated design style that?s in line with each of our client's personalities. Our logo design, Professional website design and quality Corporate Identity Design, focus on you. On your needs, your goals, your style.

Innofreak brings a breadth and depth of logo design and marketing experience to the table that few, if any design firm can match. We love design and we love to see our client?s success with design work we create. In fact, we thrive on that.

Innofreak team brings many years of strategic, hard working and top quality service to each of its clients and logo design projects. The studio prides itself on maintaining long lasting relationships with clients that keep coming back. We believe it?s important to create logo design, websites, Corporate Identity... work that speaks to the client?s heart while having strong marketing and branding expertise to support the client?s mission.

If you are serious about your company?s identity, then we are the people you want to work with! Innofreak is helping businesses increase sales and revenue with help of powerful branding!

There are many great reasons to choose Innofreak as your logo design agency. We think that our clients love and respect the idea that they are buying a service from true artists and artisans, who are expending their effort and their creativity especially for them. That they are entering into a personal relationship with the designer and artisan alike. That they are buying a design that is truly one-of-a-kind.


Innofreak offers great value based design services at reasonably affordable rates. We not only create an attractive logo image but we work with our clients to clarify the company?s unique brand and then use this brand to create an inviting and communicative visual identity.

Hassle Free Process

Working with Innofreak is a smooth and professional process from the very first stages to the delivery of the finished product. We pride ourselves on making the design process as simple and easy as possible for all clients. All communication is handled via our online studio floor or email so you don?t have to take time from your busy day.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal and our promise is to create great designs for every one of our clients. We are not the cheapest out there ? nor do we want to be. We know that our designs are worth the cost, and we are willing to bet that you will agree.


Every logo from Innofreak is completely unique. This means that we never use clip art or recycle old work. While many companies plagiarize or use logo design contests as a means of obtaining low cost, low quality work, every one of our designs is entirely original and professionally hand designed by our own in house designers.