Solutions for surveillance.

World-class cctv cameras, which help us to monitor anything from our confront. Whether it is a factory, shop, office or any other place.

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Automation And Control

Closed Circuit Camera

Innofreak is one of the few successful names to offer world-class cctv cameras, which help us to monitor anything from our confront. Whether it is a factory, shop, office or any other place, one can watch whole premises on monitor with the help of CCTV cameras of different type. Compact in size, it offers many view angles and are the perfect low cost solution for discrete indoor surveillance. Available in various types like: Manual vari focal lens and Motorised Zoom lens and fixed iris lens with dimensions: 4mm/6mm/8mm , they are easy to install.

Dome Camera

Easy to install and very small this completely enclosed camera is widely used in hotels, public areas and in retail operations that demand minimal aesthetic intrusion .

Day / Night Camera (IR)

Innofreak Offer finest IR camera range for day &night vision evenly can see in complete dark, low light With6-100 LED , High resolution camera. The cameras available in Dome, C-mount & weatherproof models, can see up to 10,15,20,25,30,40,50 or 100 meter range.

C-mount camera

For Long range distance use c-mount or cs-mount camera with fixed, manual or auto iris lens with varifocal length e.g. : 3.5-8mm or 2.8-10 mm, It is useful for Industries, Big shopping stores, big size hall or departmental stores. With the help of autoiris lens & flickerless chip can control flickering due to heavy lighting or light difference due to surrounding area. Cs-mount also provide the Pan/Tilt/Zoom feature manually in Zoom camera with the help of Pan/Tilt scanners. Also available in weatherproof design & with low light or day-night feature.

Access Control & Time Attendance System

With quality and customer satisfaction as our forte, we provide time attendance unit, that is primarily used to have an efficient and quick system to monitor the time IN and time OUT of the office employees. In our designed time attendance and access control system, the employee is provided with a proximity card (contact less technology) which he/ she shows to the reader at the entrance door.

The system captures the IN time of the employee and stores the data on the computer. This a perfect paradigm of technology, where one can easily calculate overtime and shift differentials for wage rate variations and enforcing policies such as attendance and rounding rules which saves time consuming, error prone calculations.

This system can also generate daily, weekly, monthly reports, (department wise & group wise). It is to be noted that at the hit of the button the client can have records of the employees at his disposal within seconds and the access within the office can be controlled by using electromagnetic locks connected to this system.

Access Control & Time Attendance system is available in two type of systems:

  • Fingerprint / Biometric Reader Based
  • Proximity / Mifare Card Based

Fingerprint / Biometric Reader: Considered to be the best office utility products, we offer biometric system, which is a single chip micro computer system. Highly versatile in nature, this system can be interfaced with different types of reader like bar code, proximity etc or canfunction as a stand alone unit. It is also provided with inb-built 10 hours incase of power failure of regular operation, even with electromagnetic lock. It has the facility to store the data in self powered NVRAM (nonvolatile) for 5 years and above. Featured with multilevel password access for programming and online monitoring of the access for programming, this unit also contains 16 key switch feather touch keypad. Sleek and rugged body made of superior grade FRP material, this unit also has programmable time zoning capability.

Proximity / Mifare Card Reader: Available with unique technical features and user friendly in nature, we offer world-class proximity card reader which has the memory of 1 KB, where employee?s related information can be feed into the card itself e.g, employee name, designation, department etc. Used in multiple applications like: Office utility products ACCESS SYSTEMS (CARD/THUMB) and useful for attendance, salary calculation and door unlocking with date and time, it also has voice response in english.